Jilltydrawings stocked in Roses and String on the revamped Queens Parade Willesden Green

Address: Unit 3, Queen's Parde, Walm Lane, Willesden Green, London

I was delighted to be invited to stock some of my homewares at one of the eight shops opening along the newly revamped Queen's Parade in Willesden Green. Roses & String was one of the successful new traders to have secured a temporary lease of a formerly vacant eight unit property as part of the New Windows on Willesden Green project. Funded by the Mayor's Outer London fund, the aim was to bring back life to the Willesden High Road shopping experience where the businesses were able to trade rent-free, while residents and other visitors to the area get the opportunity to support fledgling local businesses.

The launch party was a huge success and I was so impressed by Laura and Heather of Roses & String for arranging such an inviting curiosity shop of homemade gifts and treats.