North Finchley Stall Making Workshop

Today I had the pleasure of being invited by Retail Revival to attend a "stall making workshop". I was joined by some students who are learning how to run and sell vintage items at their own market stalls at One Mitcham's Vintage Stalls Market. The workshop focused on what type of vintage goods they were going to sell and to what audience. It also gave them the challenge of dressing their stalls by coming up with a brand identity or logo for their shop name. I was on hand to discuss some of their ideas and to help them focus more on what they wanted to communicate within their brand. It was really rewarding to draw up some of their ideas and to bring their brands to life. We also discussed running themes in the look and feel of their stalls and how best to package items or create signage. The Market will be happening on Saturday 8th March and I'm sure the students would love people to come along to give feedback on their efforts and more importantly buy some vintage treasures!

Symphony Jewels 
This group were selling retro vinyl records alongside second hand jewellery, so it was tricky to communicate both strands in one logo. However we thought the simplest approach was to take the decorative nature of the treble clef and incorporate it into the long shop name with jewels and notes surrounding it.

Downstairs, Lynn and Sally were busy upcycling and revamping some old furniture. I helped create the "shabby chic" look by drawing place settings on the tables

Some alternative labels for Sally's Cake Stall - price tags on wooden spoons.

For anyone who is around Mitcham on Saturday, here is the promotional flyer for the event.