Gardens at Capellagarden

It was clear from the beginning of our stay that Capellag√•rden was a place that was renowned for its beautiful gardens. It was not hard to see that a wealth of inspiration came from them.

Herb Garden
In the newly renovated herb garden grows a hundred different herbs and medicinal plants grouped by usage. Here you will find everything from useful culinary herbs to toxic rarities surrounded by a traditional wall of limestone and wheelchair accessible paths.

The rose garden
is a closed room where fragrant roses, clematis and perennials are intermingled.

The orchard
contains some eighty different varieties of apples, pears, plums and cherries. Capellag√•rden orchard is also a local clone archives and grow in collaboration with the Program for Cultivated Diversity, POM, a number of so-called mandate varieties. Mandate varieties are local varieties preserved for their cultural and genetic value. In the orchard also live farm Muscovy ducks.

Vegetable cultivation
The school also hosts an Ecological Gardening course which runs from February until November. Managed and built by the garden students. Here are cultivated a large amount of different vegetables and summer flowers that will benefit school's household. You could definitely tell who were the garden students from their healthy complexions and their ingenious ways of accessorising dungarees with tool belts!