An introduction to Capellagården, Sweden

This summer I embarked on an adventure to Capellagården school of handicraft in Sweden to take part in its international summer course in textiles and printing. 

Capellagården is located in the village of Vickleby the center of the World Heritage of Southern Öland. In 1957 Professor Carl Malmsten found a dilapidated farm in Vickleby which he purchased and turned into a school devoted to hand and mind, a joining of people all over the world to embrace their craftmanship. Years later the school still teaches these craft skills in textiles, woodwork and ceramics and offers a unique welcoming environment with its picturesque buildings and tranquil gardens to both visitors and students. I certainly found that and embraced the warm sense of community. There is really too much to document in one blog post so I’ll have to report my findings in several sections, I hope you enjoy!

The famous Capellagården door

The cosy textiles room

The ornate signage at one of the entrances

The beautiful farmland that Carl Malmsten fell in love with.

A snippet of the bountiful gardens