Day 2 - Open Screen printing at Capellagården.

Day 2 brought more printmaking fun using the method of 'open screen' printing. The technique uses paper forms against the screen to create a resist when the ink pulls through, much like that of stencilling. Ripped paper restricts your control of realistic image making and produces an abstract and more graphic effect. Stencilling can be done by cutting out images and then printing the negative space, anything with paper in the way is left as the unprinted surface which is the opposite way to printing the positive. It took us a few goes to get our heads round this and I'm still a bit stuck!

Lisa demonstrating the ripped paper effect.

I wasn't particularly enamoured with my attempt probably because it ended up looking weirdly rude and biological! However, it certainly taught me how to make more freer forms with the ripped paper.

Creating a freer pattern with ripped paper.

Er, the end result!

I'd definitely repeat this technique by using cut out stencils like my second attempt below:

Stage one of my stencil design

Layer 2 of the stencil print

I added more paper inside of the petals to leave white shapes.

Final layer of cut out leaves